Black Gaming Couple Infuses Next Level Video Game Apps with Positive Characters of Color

Clara and Dejon Turner, creators of The Doll House Family app

Meet Clara and Dejon Turner, an African American visionary power couple from Aurora, Colorado who are the creators of a state-of-the-art, family-friendly app called The Doll House Family™. The duo decided to create the app after growing tired of looking at the gaming landscape and not seeing favorable images of Black and brown people.

The Turners realized that it was their mission to shake up the gaming world with characters that emote a positive self-image. Instead of casting minorities as evil, ugly, or over-sexualized characters, the Turners turned it around, creating an app that encourages people of color to walk with confidence.

A warm greeting of “Welcome to the Doll House” awaits users who download the app, where statuesque, brown-skinned Barbies rock purple and black gear. The lifelike characters don a crown of curls, twists, puffs, and Afro-centric braids in multiple color choices.

The app transports users to a world where they see beautiful images of people of color. Players can choose a doll that best represents them with choices that include creamy cocoa skin tones to rich mahogany melanin, and everything in between. There in the Doll House world, players drive down Doll House Ave. in their shiny new whip, shop for the trendiest clothes, or lounge by the pool.

In this virtual world, there is a celebration of their Blackness, and diversity is not a dirty word. The catchy theme song sums up the purpose of this timely project where players belt out lilting lyrics as an anthem to change the status quo. Users bop to the beat while riding down Doll House Ave.

The Doll House Family™ app is available now for download on Google Play and Apple's IOS App Store for just $1.99.

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