Homeless Black Graphic Designer Releases Line of Notebooks to Help Combat Mental Illness

Carrie Bledsoe

Carrie Bledsoe, a homeless graphic designer, has launched the newest line of Black-owned notebooks to help deal with her personal mental health problems. Running around in circles with a lack of income and poor money management led to her downfall. At first, she didn't believe in jotting down her feelings. Now, however, she can finally pour her heart out into her notebooks until she is able to afford therapy.

Carrie has always loved designing since the young age of fifteen. Releasing the notebooks was the best way for her to still be creative and also have the ability to earn money while sleeping.

Her company, The Carrie Company, offers notebook designs for both young boys and girls, as well as men and women. She comments, "As a community, we have this belief that males shouldn't be vulnerable. I want to change that. Young males and grown men should be able to express their feelings just as women do."

Charitable donations can be made to help Carrie pay off her collections so she can get approved for an apartment on Cash App @carrieandcompany

For more details and/or to purchase her notebooks, visit TheCarrieCompany.com

For press inquiries, contact carriebledsoe2@gmail.com

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