Meet the Black Woman Helping Entrepreneurs Open Franchise Businesses at No Cost

Tamika Franklyn, founder of Precision Franchise

Tamika Franklyn, founder and CEO of Precision Franchise, is the owner of one of very few Black woman-owned franchise brokerages in the nation. 77% of franchise business owners are white males, but Tamika aims to change this by providing knowledge, resources, and access to people of color. She has created a strategic path for entrepreneurs to find and secure proven business models at no cost to them.

Because of her extensive years in business execution and operations, Tamika has been able to build a strong reputation for helping potential franchise owners find lucrative a business that fits their lifestyle goals. Precision Franchise has access to extensive data on thousands of franchises which enables them to find the best option for their clients. Additionally, her company connections to exclusive industry insiders provide them with the knowledge and resources to help make their clients’ ambitions of securing a franchise much easier within a shorter span of time.

As a certified member of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), they are uniquely qualified to assist clients in all facets of their franchise discovery process. While many individuals may equate franchise ownership to the restaurant industry, ownership spans numerous industries such as beauty, B2B, real estate, vending, home care, and many other sectors.

Tamika's company assists individuals with finding convenient, cost-effective ownership opportunities including business models that do not require full-time or brick-and-mortar stores. Regardless of the business or market, aspiring franchise owners rely on her company to provide them with resources, support, and a solid brand to invest in. Her company effectively works with its clients to produce a comprehensive end-to-end solution that caters to every clients’ business franchise requirements.

"The decision to purchase a franchise is likely one of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur will make in their lifetime. Even after they’ve decided to pursue ownership, there are a myriad of other decisions that also need to be made to find the right fit," said Tamika. "We understand that every potential owner has different ambitions-whatever these may be, we are keen to help you achieve them," she added.

Investing in a franchise takes time and work, but Precision Franchise shortens the process and provides clarity by providing funding sources and connecting clients with the right option. Their services help inform and protect prospective owners. Tamika sets her business apart by championing the community to invest in franchise ownership opportunities – a nearly untapped industry for people of color.

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