Founder of Black Woman-Owned Streaming Network on a Mission to Raise $15M From Investors

Regina D. Braggs, founder and CEO of Applause Network TV

Regina D. Braggs, Founder and CEO of Applause Network TV, Inc., is raising $15,000,000 with a Reg D 506 (c) through accredited investors. Incorporated in 2010, Applause Network TV has been providing streaming services consisting of original videos, live shows, and on-demand content created by a talented production team and Board of Directors with 40+ years of combined experience.

In 2008, the streaming service released its first comedy feature film written and directed by comedian Kareem “Plug” Chapman titled How I Ended Racism to rave reviews. What makes a startup like Applause Network TV shine among large streaming networks? “Our ability to consistently create original content inhouse that keeps our core market entertained with the assistance of our tech wizard Nick Wallace,” says Braggs.

The streaming industry has become attractive investments as social distancing considerations have expanded market share resulting in the internet becoming the preferred form of entertainment. Ms. Braggs and her team are raising capital to create new pay-per-view content and expand their streaming service market share by implementing high impact marketing campaigns. For information and updates on the offering, visit or send an email inquiry to

Nothing in this press release may be construed as making or offering to sell securities. It is important to note that this is a high-risk investment, and any potential accredited investor must conduct due diligence regarding Applause Network TV, Inc. in addition to understanding investments of this nature. Applause Network TV, Inc. will take necessary steps to ensure potential investors meet the SEC’s accredited definition. The only offering of these securities will be through a private placement memorandum.

For press inquiries, contact or 973-991-9746.

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