CEO of Black-Owned Marketing Agency Launches Affordable Services to Help Small Businesses

Andra Taylor, founder of TaylorMade Global

Meet Andra Taylor, the CEO and founder of TaylorMade Global (TMG), the number one small business solutions provider in the world. When Black-owned businesses lack ingenuity, strategy, and execution, they seek TaylorMade's umbrella of services to weather their storms.

Based in Freeport, Illinois, Andra, and his company are highly motivated to shed light, knowledge, and credibility to Black-owned businesses. The TaylorMade promise is to add value to people through collaboration, innovation, and servant leadership. They do this by providing needed small business solutions at a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

The primary way in which TaylorMade aims to accomplish this promise is with the premiere TMG product called the Global Membership. This monthly membership subscription is the tool every business needs to stop wasting time and money on an invaluable resource, retail valued at $497 a month.

When a small business lacks the expertise to solve a problem or complete a project, they require the TaylorMade experience.

Andra says that he aspires to 1,000 small business subscribers for the TaylorMade Global Membership, the one-stop solution for all small-scale organizations. The Global Membership takes the bottlenecks out of ideas and turns them into favorable outcomes.

When you subscribe to the Global Membership from TaylorMade Global, you will have the assurance of an objective assessment with the membership to provide you with long-term productivity and growth.

Some of the integrated services that the Global Membership comprises of:

• Business Essentials - Businesses are looking to improve or incorporate new solutions in their daily functional activities to get custom-taylored information for success.

• Consulting and Training - The solutions provided by TaylorMade are quick to understand and easy to use. The goal is to help the business to level up as quickly as possible.

• Marketing and Promo - The company helps build a multi-channel marketing strategy that offers prospects a seamless experience across all vital touchpoints.

• Photo and Video - Tell your story in the right way so that you get maximum market and audience exposure. Photo and video capabilities are directly proportional to your growth in sales in this digital world.

• Event Planning and Networking - Bring people together for a specific reason that best represents your company to create an event with meaningful connections and an experience.

All the products and services at TaylorMade are custom-tailored to the client's specific requests, needs, and goals. They have a dedicated team that will look into your prospects and develops the right solutions and strategies to provide your business with the right direction.

TMG believes that small organizations are the future of the global market, and Black-owned businesses are at the intersection. Many new companies are cropping up across different verticals of the market as the stream of a worldwide audience is increasing exponentially. To remain "awesome," TaylorMade Global works essentially for the market boost of small businesses by providing services that advance your company as a whole.

Your company's professional goals are met in phases as you move towards a new and exciting journey. They continuously infuse direction by closely understanding the business format, foundation, origin, vision, prospects, goals, brand image requirements, consumer, market trends, and more to lead you towards conquering hurdles of any form. All this and more is what the Global Membership provides to the small business community.

The use of technology has led to many age-defining discoveries, improved products, and better services, and has dramatically changed our daily lives. TaylorMade Global leverages cutting-edge technology to help small businesses have a distinct competitive advantage in their industry. Technology helps small businesses automate most tasks resulting in increased production and efficiency. TaylorMade's step-by-step approach is designed specifically for the busy, on-the-go small business owner in mind. The Global Membership helps make small business owners' lives more manageable, and TaylorMade is continually improving and innovating.

TaylorMade Global is a full-service agency that works extensively with brands, companies, and global influencers. Whether the brand is new or is evolving, TMG will help them prosper with its unparalleled service league.

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