Introducing the Newest Black-Owned Brand of Cereal, 'Proud Puffs'

Nic King, founder of Proud Puffs

Meet Nic King, a successful entrepreneur from Connecticut who has launched the newest Black-owned cereal brand fittingly called 'Proud Puffs' that features chocolate-flavored, vegan-friendly puffs in the shape of a fist. Nic says the cereal was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

One morning last year, amidst the several protests and civil unrest, it got King wondering if there are Black-owned companies that make cereals. When he found only very few, he decided to make and sell cereals himself.

The first word that came to his mind when thinking of names is "proud" then he eventually came up with Proud Puff. He wanted to showcase representation even from the packaging so he designed it with the image of his family in front and a list of 20 Black figures and their historic achievements on the side.

"Legacy is the name of my company -- it's the theme. It's a business. I just plan on making delicious cereal," King told The Darien Times.

Currently, he has been selling cereals online in a small batch and has still been crowdfunding. He hopes the cereals will soon be mass-produced and sold on store shelves nationwide. He also hopes that through it, he could inspire more people to do anything despite the tense political climate.

He added, "We've been dealing with blatant racism, why Black Lives Matter too, diversity inclusion, systemic racism, and so much more. This cereal isn't only for Black people, but rather it is a cereal owned 100 percent by a Black man."

For more information about Proud Puffs and/or to make a purchase, visit or follow them on Instagram @ProudPuffCereal

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