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January 10, 2021

Meet the Owner of the Newest Black-Owned Used Car Dealership in Charlotte

Kevin John, founder of Vendu Auto Group

Kevin John is a 38-year old entrepreneur who is the owner of Vendu Auto Group, Charlotte, North Carolina's newest Black-owned used car dealership. Originally from Detroit, Kevin launched his business in February 2020 in a part of Charlotte that has historically been a low-income area about a mile and a half outside of uptown.

Remembering when his mom got ripped off

"When I was young," Kevin comments. "I recall my mother buying a Pontiac Sunbird for $800 - her entire savings - that lasted all of a few weeks before the thermostat went and the head gasket blew. We were left on the side of the road, and I remember the sadness and the disappointment in her face vividly. I felt her pain."

Who knew that this hurtful experience as a child would inspire Kevin to grow up and open a dealership that is 100% honest about the cars on his lot? He is very upfront with his customers about what kind of car he is selling them and doesn't want to sell anybody a lemon. Because of this, he already has a great reputation in the community and his goal is to be an asset to people who really do need a dependable vehicle to support their families.

Being successful despite setbacks in life

Getting started was quite simple. Kevin says that he took some seed money, found a lot, applied for his dealer's license, bought some cars, and started re-selling cars.

Kevin is proof that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur despite having setbacks and health problems in his life. He comments, "I myself have had had plenty of setbacks and bumps in the road, including a bankruptcy now a decade in the rearview. I've made my share of poor choices, but the future looks bright and I don't spend much time looking back. I haven't had anything handed to me."

In addition to his car dealership, he has several other business ventures including two tech companies and a real estate company - all of which were motivated by his grandparents especially his grandfather, Little Willie John, a 1996 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee who was a young influential Black entertainer in the 1960s.

For more details about Vendu Auto Group, call (704) 584-9408, visit their official web site at, or visit their location at 2904 Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte, NC 28208.

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