Television Executive of 30 Years Launches Streaming Service Called Black Wall Street TV

Darnell Washington, founder of Black Wall Street TV Network

Darnell Washington, a native son of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who has over 30 years of experience in television broadcasting sales, management, and ownership, has created a new streaming service called the Black Wall Street TV Network. He says he was inspired by the extraordinary success of the original entrepreneurs of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 1900s.

Black Wall Street in the past was a name synonymous with successful Black-owned businesses. While there are still successful Black-owned businesses, it is an area where there are also races of every kind. The current state of business in this now vibrant and economically stable area is pushing towards the future of great success. The BWS-TV Network will enhance the Tulsa area by bringing more promotional entertainment and name recognition to this new era of success. And since BWS-TV Network is an AVOD (Ad Based Video on Demand) Network, it is free to anyone who has an internet connection.

The BWS-TV Network is sure to be a favorite “go-to” streaming TV network. All adults and kids will want to tune in. In May 2021, the success of the ancestors of Black Wall Street will bring unprecedented news and attention to the Black Wall Street massacre of 100 years ago. The name will be recognized throughout the United States and around the world.

Today, in Tulsa, there are many hotels and businesses, and even the U.S. BMX Headquarters is under construction. OSU University is located there, as well as Langston University, an HBCU. The Tulsa Driller's Baseball Team Stadium is also located there along with the new Greenwood Rising History Museum in construction.

That being said, the Black Wall Street TV Network plans to take advantage of the publicity along with their promotion through various media to attract viewers of every kind. This gives the network an opportunity for promoting one of the hottest technologies in television viewing today.

Washington comments, "The network plans to honor and celebrate the anniversary by embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of the original Black Wall Street Ancestors while providing a variety of programming to its viewers."

For more information about the Black Wall Street TV Network, visit their official web site at

For press inquiries, contact or 918-884-6811.

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