These 5 Childhood Friends All Grew Up to Be Doctors and Lawyers

Childhood friends and authors of The Five Brothers

Five friends who have always treated each other as brothers since childhood have all grown up to become very successful in their careers in law and medicine.

In their new book entitled The Five Brothers: Our Journeys to Successful Careers in Law & Medicine, each of them — Phillip Bazemore, J.D., F. Travis Buchanan, Esq., Neville F. Campbell, MD/MBA, Judge Carlos E. Moore, and Charles Tucker Jr, Esq. — share the details of their personal journeys.

"We are sharing our stories to inspire, encourage, and motivate the next generation of lawyers, judges, and doctors. If we can beat the odds as Black men and the first in our families within these professions, so can others!" Judge Carlos Moore says.

Their book tells the story of 5 Black men who rose to success despite the obstacles they faced. Their stories serve as an inspiration to others when it comes to being resilient and harnessing the power of possibility.

Throughout the book, a recurring theme is that "when you're talking, you're preaching, and when you're doing, you're teaching." In this way, their stories motivate readers to turn their words into actions.

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