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November 6, 2020

DJ Kayotik Joins DJ Envy at Black-Owned Bottled Water Company, Becomes Brand Ambassador

DJ Kayotik and DJ Envy supporting Black-Owned Water Brand, Positivity Alkaline

DJ Kayotik, Producer and Co-Host of the nationally syndicated The Morning Hustle Show, has chosen to be positive, becoming the Southwest Ambassador for the Black-owned bottled water company, Positivity Alkaline Water LLC, is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries LLC, a bottled water manufacturing and distribution company.Kareem Thomson, known as DJ Kayotik, is a veteran on-air personality and DJ for Dallas’s number one rhythmic station on Radio One Dallas 97.9 The Beat. When Kayotik is not in the studio, he is a dedicated philanthropist and public advocate, devoted to helping those in his local community who need it most.

DJ Kayotik stated, “[T]he Positivity Alkaline Water brand and its mission to provide Positivity to positive people is everything I stand for. I enjoy bringing energy and positivity to people, and when I tasted the alkaline water and understood what the brand stood for, it was a natural fit. I also have a relationship with DJ Envy so that just confirmed it was the right choice. I am thrilled to be a part of Positivity.”

Positivity produces premium 9.5+ pH alkaline water and is the only alkaline water whose namesake is associated with a mindset or state of being. Atlanta Business Attorney and Positivity Alkaline Water Founder, David M. Walker, stated, “DJ Kayotik and DJ Envy are excellent people with a positive purpose. It was a natural fit to add DJ Kayotik to introduce Positivity to our Southwest US customers. Follow him on Instagram, you will love his energy. Positivity believes that being positive is a choice and is thrilled that DJ Kayotik chose Positivity.”

Positivity Alkaline Water, a fast-growing bottled water brand in Atlanta, GA, most recently welcomed DJ Envy, Producer and Host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, in September 2020. Since welcoming DJ Envy, the company has expanded its distribution to Detroit and Dallas. In addition to offering pickup services at its distribution locations, Positivity is available for home delivery through their website ( and Amazon. With the recent additions of DJ Kayotik & DJ Envy, the brand is sure to make a positive impact nationally.

As a public figure, DJ Kayotik often witnessed underserved communities, which led to the launch of the K.A.Y.O.T.I.K. Foundation - Kareem’s Alternative Youth Options To Improve Kids; a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for youth by focusing on a number of issues such as literacy and self-esteem. Just as his namesake suggests, Kayotik is an advocate for positivity in his community, organizing charitable events and giveaways for his community. During the back-to-school season, Kayotik and volunteers fill backpacks full of supplies and even offer haircuts to instill confidence and ensure preparedness for students returning to class. In the holiday season, Kayotik can be seen dressed in a Santa suit, giving out presents and supplies to kids, and leaving smiles on the faces of those surrounding.

Positivity Alkaline Water LLC is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries LLC. Every drop of Positivity is infused with positive electrolytes. Each sip is created to restore your pH balance. Positivity Alkaline Water has a 9.5+ pH level in a Grab-N-Go 700mL bottle with a sports cap. Learn more at

StarWalker Industries LLC (SWI) is a minority-owned bottled water manufacturing and distribution company located in Atlanta, GA. Established in 2014, SWI is led by Atlanta Business Attorney, David M. Walker, Esq., whose vision is to provide positivity to positive people and create a clean PET recycling initiative starting in Atlanta and expanding across the world. SWI distributes its spring, purified, and alkaline water brands nationally by the truckload, and offers fully integrated bottled water solutions including manufacturing, distribution, recycling, and PET preform sales. Learn more at

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