Entrepreneurs Take Over Cash Registers, Pay For $40K Worth of Customers' Groceries

Atlanta Entrepreneurs

A group of Black entrepreneurs from Atlanta decided to surprise several grocery shoppers at a local Kroger by taking over the cash registers to pay for their groceries. They say that they are glad to be able to give back to the community in that way.A viral Instagram video shows Jason Lobdell, Alix Burton, Marcus Barney, Neo Davis, and Jonathan Gooch taking over the cash registers for two hours.

"We literally took up every register at the grocery store and family after family would go through. We took over all 12 aisles for two hours," Lobdell said in the video, citing they initially planned to hand out gift cards but it was taking too long.

According to CNN, Lobdell and his friends paid over $40,000 in total for the groceries. Shoppers were left in tears and others even danced out of happiness.

"I'm still floating on cloud nine after seeing those faces and getting all those hugs from the grannies and whipping those tears. It was just a good feeling. A lot of us come from those situations and that type of background. So we understand the true meaning of giving back and pouring back into our community," Lobdell said.

Aside from that, the group has also been giving back to the community by paying for gas and helping the homeless. They also received messages from other people who wanted to extend their help, creating a train of people wanting to do acts of kindness.

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