Black-Owned Design Company Continues to Ensure That ‘Representation Matters!’

Founders of Custom2Fly

Custom2Fly, a Black-owned company based in Toronto, Canada, sells custom designed accessories and home decor products that are a must-have for every family. Submit a picture, have it drawn and placed on any of the various items they offer.

There are also signature Black characters for those that would like items less personalized. From luggage covers to backpacks and even bathroom sets, these items will be sure to catch the eye of any onlooker, while adding a personal touch to everyday items.

The founders of the company believe that their items add a touch of exclusivity and melanin to products that are usually accessible by all.

The company ships worldwide, is available online (, and is visible on all major social media platforms. They have had influencers post their items; Most notably Ariana Fletcher (AriTheDon aka TheRealKyleSister) showed off her custom blanket and custom passport cover.

One travel influencer explain why he loves their custom products, “We all travel...I personally don’t like standing and waiting for my luggage to come out because I can accidentally pick up someone else’s due to the fact that they’re all black in color.”

Before the pandemic began, Custom2Fly was a frequent vendor seen at various events across the country including the Black College Expo in New York and Los Angeles. They are anxiously looking forward to attending vendor events again.

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For press inquiries, contact Justina Ware at at 416-835-3084.

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