Father Buys His 13-Year Old Daughter a House For Her Birthday

Avee-Ashanti Shabazz and his 13-year old daughter, who he bought a house for

When Ajala Shabazz turned 13-years old back in July, her father, Avee-Ashanti, gifted her with a house to teach her about financial independence at an early age. He says he planned it and will continue doing it as a family tradition from now on.

In recent times, more Black people are purchasing their own homes and communities to promote generational wealth despite the challenges posed by gentrification and systemic racism. In fact, several studies show that Black home ownership has significantly improved over the last year alone.

Avee-Ashanti says that he saw it as an opportunity to gift her daughter a property and teach her to build it into multiple properties before they turn adults. That way he hopes for his daughter to be able to avoid accumulating debt while working for others.

"No more being trained to live paying rent or years of mortgages and your home not being secure regardless to what life throws at you. No more being a slave to the Banks and employers," he wrote in his Facebook post.

According to Because of Them We Can, he says that what he did to Ajala was just a first and he plans to continue doing it to all of his children. He wants to inspire other parents to do the same as well.

"Let's put our children in a position to be free to live how they choose while they're young and full of life," he continued. "Free them as best we can to live out their dreams and desires. Free them to determine for themselves the relationships they may choose to have with banks and employers. Free them so they can be what they are inclined to be."

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