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September 8, 2020

Black Couple Raised Over $30K in 1 Month to Expand Vegan Catering Business

Kurtis Williams and Candace Maiden, owners of Squash the Beef Catering

Kurtis Williams and his partner Candace Maiden, the founders and owners of a Cleveland, Ohio-based Black-owned vegan catering company called Squash the Beef, have raised over $30,000 within a month. They are using the funds to expand the business and purchase a food trailer to keep up with their growing consumer demand.
In 2017, the couple started being vegan for health purposes. They saw great results personally--Kurtis' blood pressure which has always been high became lower and he avoided having been in a diabetic coma. That's when they decided not to go back to eating meat anymore.

However, it wasn't easy finding more vegan options other than the usual salads and fruits, especially in parties. Wanting also to encourage more people to go vegan, they launched Squash the Beef in 2019. They began serving what they call "vegan comfort food" or dishes that still have the soulful feel but without the harmful side effects of meat.

Squash the Beef initially started doing small popups, until they joined a Veg Fest and managed to serve 5,000 meals in one day, realizing they could do much more. In their first year, they actually earned nearly $70,000 and it continues to grow even despite the pandemic.

With the food trailer, Kurtis and Candace recently purchased, they hope to keep serving people who usually don't have access to the high-quality and healthy meals they provide. They also reach more customers as some of their products are available on the shelves of other local Black businesses as well.

For more information about Squash the Beef, visit or follow them on Instagram @SquashTheBeefCatering