DJ Envy and Wife Gia Casey Invest in Black-Owned Water Brand, Positivity Alkaline Water

DJ Envy and Wife Gia Casey

Gia Casey, DJ Envy’s wife of 19 years, has gifted him with a stake in a Black-owned bottled water company, Positivity Alkaline Water LLC, a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries LLC, is founded by Atlanta Business Attorney David M. Walker, Esq.

The brand produces premium 9.5+ pH alkaline water with the mission of providing positivity to positive people, and promotes a healthy lifestyle starts with a positive mindset. Each drop of Positivity Alkaline Water is infused with positive electrolytes. Each sip of Positivity is created to refresh your outlook on life, restore your body and renew your mind.

For Envy’s birthday on September 3rd, Gia gifted her husband with a present that was sure to make an impact. “There are plenty of material gifts you can give your significant other that last for a moment, but I wanted to give a gift that lasts a lifetime, not just economically but socially in supporting black owned businesses,” said Gia. “We support what Positivity Alkaline Water has done for the community, and our investment represents a legacy for my husband and our family. Besides, it tastes great!”

DJ Envy is well-known for his advocacy for the community and understands the importance of using his platform as a medium to hold important conversations that are especially necessary now. During the aftermath of the George Floyd protests, the Los Angeles Times called Envy’s show, The Breakfast Club, “a radio forum for the nation’s racial reckoning.” As of July 2020, the show reaches 8 million monthly listeners, making the platform a pinnacle of social justice discussion.

Gia Casey and DJ Envy also host The Casey Crew podcast, where the couple talks about the good, bad, ugly and beauty of relationships and family. The close-knit pairing is refreshingly honest as they let listeners in on past experiences, offer advice and always provide the two sides to every situation. In times of uncertainty, Gia and Envy speak of hope and encourage listeners to embrace their voice, sharing strength, activism, and words of positivity in times when there is little.

StarWalker Industries Founder, David Walker stated, “Positivity Alkaline Water is thrilled to announce we have teamed up with DJ Envy, an industry leading music producer and host of radio show The Breakfast Club, to further our mission of providing positivity to positive people. This partnership perfectly aligns with Positivity’s passion of promoting healthy lifestyles, and DJ Envy’s pursuit of wellness, not only for himself, but for his devoted fans and followers across the nation.”

Positivity Alkaline Water supports the Atlanta community by giving back. For the last two months Positivity has hosted a FREE Case Giveaway, where they offered members of the Atlanta community a free 15-pack case of its 9.5+ pH premium alkaline water. Frontline workers received two complimentary cases of Positivity for their valiant efforts in the battle to return to normalcy. To further encourage positivity in the community, Positivity Alkaline Water recycling initiative pays $3 for each returned empty 15-pack case to reclaim and recycle the Positivity bottles.

This perfect pairing is sure to pack a positive punch, with DJ Envy as a partner to Think Positive, Drink Positivity, and Be Positive people.

Positivity Alkaline Water LLC is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries LLC. Every drop of Positivity is infused with positive electrolytes. Each sip is created to restore your pH balance. Positivity Alkaline Water has a 9.5+ pH level in a Grab-N-Go 700mL bottle with a sports cap. Learn more at 

StarWalker Industries LLC (SWI) is a minority owned bottled water manufacturing and distribution company located in Atlanta, GA. Established in 2014, SWI is led by Atlanta Business Attorney, David M. Walker, Esq., whose vision is to provide positivity to positive people and create a clean PET recycling initiative starting in Atlanta and expanding across the world. SWI distributes its spring, purified, and alkaline water brands nationally by the truckload, and offers fully integrated bottled water solutions including manufacturing, distribution, recycling, and PET preform sales. Learn more at

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