Akon’s Real-Life Wakanda in Senegal is Worth $6 Billion

Akon City, Senegal

Award-winning R&B singer Akon is moving forward with his plans to build a futuristic city worth $6 billion dollars in Senegal that he says will be a real-life version of Wakanda. Development will officially begin in 2021, and it will be called Akon City.
"We are looking at Akon city to become the beginning of Africa's future," he said at a recent press conference near the capital city of Dakar. "Our idea is to build a futuristic city that incorporates all the latest technologies, cryptocurrencies, and also the future of how African society should become in the future."

The vibrant, solar-powered city will be located on the beautiful coast of Senegal and will have a technologically-advanced healthcare district, offices, luxury houses, shopping malls, skyscrapers, sports facilities, and eco-friendly tourist centers. Its location will be just five-minutes away from Blaise Diagne International Airport, the country's newest $575 million dollar international airport.

Akon first announced his idea to build the city back in 2018 and compared it to the fictional nation of Wakanda portrayed in the Black Panther film. He also announced that his city would use its own form of cryptocurrency called Akoin.

For more details, visit AkonCity.com
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