Woman Entrepreneur Investing $1M to Buy Up Properties in Southside Atlanta

Valaurie Bridges Lee, entrepreneur investing in Atlanta's south side

Serial entrepreneur, Valaurie Bridges Lee, has joined a host of other Black business owners that are investing in the development of Atlanta’s south side. In particular, she is bringing new life to Main Street in historic College Park. In fact, she has already purchased a series of adjacent properties with plans to make it a premier destination for unmatched service and unforgettable experiences.
“I love Atlanta and College Park,” Lee began, “Born in Tuskegee, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, I also choose to raise my children here, and it is where I want to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs like me. That is why I bought most of this block and why I’m making it somewhere we can all enjoy.”

The first of three businesses owned by Lee under her parent company, Building Bridges Holding Company (BBHC), is The Wellness Spot (TWS). Slated to open in the fall of 2020, TWS is a spa and fitness studio serving College Park’s burgeoning population of young professionals seeking top-rate services and amazing experiences close to home. The 4,000 sq. ft. facility next to Brake Pad will offer a full suite of spa-based offerings including massages, pedicures, manicures, and relaxation services. TWS will also feature a full-service fitness studio complete with a rotating schedule of classes designed to help TWS clients look and feel their best.

Lee’s second venture in real estate investing on the BBHC block is an event space lovingly known as The Basement. The Basement is situated underneath a neighborhood boutique and is the perfect size for an intimate gathering or demure boutique. Lee envisions The Basement as a place for budding entrepreneurs to get their feet wet with brick and mortar. Rather than taking on the significant costs of long-term leasing or property ownership, small businesses can rent The Basement to host fundraisers, pop-up shops, or other events to help build their business. “Not everyone has the capital to jump right into a storefront,” Lee says, “But that doesn’t mean their idea won’t work. The Basement is a place where folks can try things out and learn from their experiences. I would have certainly benefited from something like this when I launched my first business.”

The last company on Lee’s block is the headquarters for VB Consulting Inc, Lee’s tech services firm has operated for more than 18 years. The headquarters also houses the administrative functions of BBHC as well as Lee’s philanthropic organization, BVB Foundation. BVB is a non-profit helping aspiring entrepreneurs get ahead by offering scholarships, grants, and mentoring services to minority women. In 2019, BVB issued more than $20,000 in grant and scholarship money to deserving young women.

For press inquiries, contact Patrice Meadows at patrice@vbconsultingservices.com or 404-935-2876.
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