5 Companies That Are Helping Black Entrepreneurs With SEO

African American woman working on SEO

More and more African American business owners are realizing how important search engine optimization (SEO) is to their bottom line. They are coming to see that SEO is just as important as web site design, branding, copywriting, and mobile-friendliness. Here are five Black-owned companies that have you covered.
1. The SEO Queen:
The SEO Queen digital agency was formed because Zhe Scott was tired of fighting to be respected equally and compensated as much as her white male peers. After building up a small agency from $0 to $500,000 of recurring revenue, she was tired of being on food stamps while making companies millions. She decided to bet on her self and created The SEO Queen. Over her career, she has led teams that have gotten over 300 companies on Google page 1, and gotten them their share of the 2 trillion searches that are happening on Google annually.

2. Goodeyo Social Media:
Eric and Fazia Gooden are both LA natives and shortly after getting married in 2017, they launched Goodeyo Social Media Marketing Agency. Social Media is the new immediate, effective, and personal advertising tool. Americans spend 37 minutes a day on social media and it is now the top internet activity. With over 12+ years of social media marketing and advertising, they wanted to help serve the businesses and entrepreneurs in their community (in a different way).

3. Nemoi Advertising:
Sometimes it can be discouraging to look at all of the resources that Fortune 500 companies have at their disposal. However, if you do your research like you are now you will find gems like Nemoi Advertising. Founded by Digital Marketing and Creative Agency Veteran Thomas Denby, the company does mind-blowing work. If you want branding, copyrighting, and website design on the same level of Yamaha, Del Taco, and more iconic brands, check out this big-time agency that charges small boutique marketing agency prices

4. Yasha Sterling Management Agency:
Yasha Sterling is the Principal of this Digital Business Agency. She is ranked in the upper 1% of women who hold the MBA/MCS dual degree. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Jackson State University and an M.B.A. in Marketing and E-Commerce and a Master of Arts in Applied Computer Science, both from Saint Xavier University. She helps business owners create profitable done-for-you technology solutions. Yasha is a coach, consultant, speaker, and the best-selling author of The Complete Web Business Blueprint and The Complete Web Business Blueprint Workbook

5. Designs by Ardena:
Ardena Brooks is the CEO and founder of Designs by Ardena, started in 2005, as a part-time graphic design service. She attended several colleges throughout her years, studying computer science management, accounting, photography, digital painting, and graphic design. Originally from Washington D.C., Ardena remembers being chosen (along with other students from other schools) to paint a mural in front of the White House, representing Ballou High School and receiving an honorable mention in the Washington Post.
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