Popular Ecommerce Platform Helps Black Women and Girls Go Digital

Digital books from Black Girl, Real Money

Black Girl, Real Money is an online e-commerce platform that specializes in selling digital products for everyday Black women and girls. The web site offers an array of digital media content that is specifically designed to empower Black female leaders.
Black Girl, Real Money offers a variety of business books, vendor lists, templates, novels, comics, and coloring books ebooks explicitly geared to black women and girls. Right at one’s fingertips, Black women can quickly learn anything - from how to start a business, increase their digital visibility, or launch a profitable online boutique - for as little as $10.

Simultaneously, find comprehensive vendor lists full of Black media personalities, hair bosses, clothing retailers, and stylists for a new spin on daily living, or access dozens of templates for stunning, stylish jewelry that can be made conveniently at home to compliment any outfit or occasion.

With additional media offered, including popular black comics, books, and coloring ebooks, Black Girl, Real Money is redefining life in the digital age with a revolving selection of affordable media. Each book, vendor list, template, novel, and comic is carefully selected and curated to drive success.

With new content and updates delivered regularly, the web site teaches Black women how to thrive without breaking the bank.

To learn more, visit PayHip.com/NaturalCon or follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

For press inquiries, contact latobatele@yahoo.com
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