Black Entrepreneur on Fast Track to Becoming a First Generation Millionaire

Tristan Herbert, founder of Tristan Art

Tristan Herbert “Art” is a self-taught celebrity artist who pummeled his way into the art world by virtue of the internet. As a budding entrepreneur currently overseeing three separate operations and having ownership in two additional corporations, Herbert uses social-media sites to get his designs in front of the public.
Operating in Baltimore, Herbert used creating customized products such as cell phone and tablet covers for iPhone and Android users as a stepping stone for his business. It wouldn’t take long before popular athletes and notable figures sought after his distinctive cases. NBA stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis are a few of the many notable names on Tristan’s resume. Additionally, he sells fine art paintings and portraits that have been confirmed to sell for thousands of dollars. The company’s most noted success to date is providing art to over 150 athletes in the four major professional sports in the United States though it has recorded over 3,000 customers to date.

As the company’s presence continues to grow, Herbert continues to reflect on humble beginnings and giving back to his community through charity work and in-kind contributions. Providing a quality and respected service to the public while paying it forward to those in need attributes to the success and foundation of the Tristan Art Company.

About Tristan Art:

Tristan Art is a fine art company that is based in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 2012, Tristan Herbert has designed, painted, produced, and distributed art for both its celebrity and public consumer base. Tristan Art continues to set the mark and draw well-deserved attention for its creativity and ability to meet the creative needs of its clientele.

Tristan Art has been featured in The Baltimore Sun, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, Baltimore Business Journal and Baltimore Magazine. Owner, Tristan Herbert, actively contributes to the following charity efforts through raising awareness: NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship), BCAC (Baltimore Child Abuse Center), and Soldiers Against Child Abuse).

To see more Tristan Art, follow him on Instagram @tristanyv

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