Meet the Entrepreneur Re-Branding Black Women Founders, Helping Them Increase Revenue From Their Side Hustles

Brand Strategist, Author, and Speaker, Lavette Minn, transitions her business into a Brand Development Agency to help women in business increase their sales and leads through building their brand with Attraction Marketing and Universal Laws.

Lavette Minn, brand strategist

Lavette Minn is known as a “The Family Brand Educator,” with years of experience in helping many people and businesses reach their full potentials by harnessing universal laws. In line with her goal of sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with as many people as possible, Lavette Minn recently transitioned her company, The Family Brand Movement, LLC into a Brand Development Agency to teach the art of building a brand with Attraction Marketing. Her objective with the agency is to achieve increased sales by leveraging the power of attraction marketing and the concept of universal laws.
The journey to self-discovery seems to have become longer than it used to before now. This can be largely attributed to the increasing number of factors that easily influence people’s thoughts and actions. Consequently, people tend to find it challenging to break out of the shell and express themselves as they want. Unfortunately, the available so-called motivational pieces do not look to harness natural phenomenon like universal laws to help people position themselves and their businesses for greatness. This is where Lavette seems to have been able to change the narrative over the years as a public speaker and author.

The agency offers a wide range of services including Brand Audit Calls for brand positioning and Business Master Planning for entrepreneurs that want to take their business to another level. The agency also offers all-in-one brand development that includes effective marketing, positioning, brand imaging, competitive awareness, and pricing strategies.

Lavette has become increasingly popular in recent times as The Family Brand Educator with accolades coming from different quarters. “I highly recommend Lavette to anyone looking to develop their brand sustainably. She uses universal laws to guide you, and I am very happy with her methodology and approach,” said Trish Renee, one of her clients.

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