Meet the 16-Year Old Entrepreneur Already Securing Government Contracts

Wesley Ross, founder of NorthStar Dynamics

At the young age of 16, Wesley Ross from St. Paul, Minnesota has already surpassed many boundaries in the business world. His company, NorthStar Dynamics, has already managed to secure several government contracts.
"I have always tried to do big things," Ross told Twin Cities Pioneer Press. "I was not meant to be an everyday high-schooler."

While large corporations were searching for much-needed disposable masks, Ross' company managed to close a deal with a Chinese factory at a relatively reasonable price.

But that's only a fraction of his new venture. He is also bidding on smaller contracts that big businesses tend to ignore to supply other materials needed by the government. He finds a manufacturer to make it, a trucking company to deliver it, and a buyer to accept it. And even though the contracts are small, the quantity is good enough, allowing him to earn almost $10,000 last month.

Ross launched NorthStar Dynamics without any start-up capital or even real business experience. He says that mostly with his self-confidence, he is able to secure major deals with government agencies.

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