Black-Owned Business Focuses on Helping Professionals in the Black Community to Reach Career Goals

Henry Bell, founder of UWork

There are resume writers and then there is Henry Bell, founder of UWork. The soon to be 30-year old entrepreneur last year launched his full-service resume writing and career consulting business to help clients find their purpose through their profession. And while he prides himself on writing the perfect resume, he doesn’t consider his work done until each client has the job that makes them want to jump out of bed each morning. Maybe because there was a time when he didn’t have a reason to.
A few years back, Bell found himself unemployed - right in the midst of an economic downturn. For the next 10 months, he obsessively researched what employers look for in job candidates, learned interview skills, and mastered the art of writing a resume and cover letter that prospective employers could not ignore. Sure enough, he landed what he thought would be his ideal job. But something kept nagging at him as he continually asked himself whether he should put his newfound skills to work to help others who were struggling through a job loss.

“Getting laid off was the most difficult experience I have ever been through. It really humbled me and changed me. After I found a new job, I realized my passion now lay in helping others to find jobs that went beyond the paycheck,” explained Bell. “I especially wanted to help others in the Black Community to break out of the social construct and realize their highest ambitions.”

UWork’s clients span entry-level workers to C-suite executives. Its process starts with a free client consultation from which a strategy is defined that focuses on the development of their professional brand. From their job search materials such as a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimization are available along with interview coaching, salary negotiation prep, and more. A variety of package options are available at affordable prices.

“Let’s face it, results are what truly matter and that’s the singular metric we live by at UWork. I don’t complete a transaction and walk away. I stick with clients until they land that special job that helps them be everything they aspire to be. I follow up with them to check on progress and can help them re-strategize their search if they choose that route,” Bell added. “Life is too short to be bored, under-appreciated, or dissatisfied at work. We are only our best selves when we are doing what we love and are good at – and I help make sure that clients achieve that.”

Online client reviews praise UWork for getting them interviews, job offers, and renewing their confidence in themselves. Some employers where clients now work include powerhouse brands like Delta, Amazon, Pepsi, and Twitter as well as small- and mid-sized organizations.

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