Black Founders Launch First Virtual Coworking Community With Built-In Video Conferencing

Matthew Newman and Olivia Jade Khoury, founders of

Matthew Newman and Olivia Jade Khoury, two African-American coworking space founders, set out to pivot their business models in response to COVID-19 and ended up creating the world’s first global, 24-hour virtual coworking space with built-in video conferencing. It's called, and interested entrepreneurs can join now with a 30-day free trial.
Both Matthew and Olivia say they are sensitive to the challenges and cultural biases often experienced by women and individuals of color in business. Thus, the two have built a robust and dynamic global coworking space designed to create community, provide resources, spark synergy, and inspire intercontinental business collaboration in a way that has not been facilitated before.

“ provides an affordable, virtual space where entrepreneurs worldwide can exchange expertise, collaborate, hold meetings, and gather knowledge and tools to take their business to the next level. Consider it global networking 24/7,” states Matthew.

Newman, who two weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic “lockdown” launched a series of training and networking events at his co-working space, had a pivotal conversation with Olivia Jade Khoury—founder of ntflwr™ coworking for women. As the two discussed how they could continue to serve their clients during the national “lockdown,” what resulted was

Four weeks and hundreds of software development hours after Newman and Khoury’s initial conversation, VirtualCoworking.Community opened its virtual doors to a global community of entrepreneurs eagerly seeking ways to safely network and collaborate. The platform features virtual conference suites where members interact with and learn from experts, a global business directory, webinars, and special events with top-tier CEOs. The platform has its very own built-in video conferencing capabilities—rivaling other competitors that offer video conferencing but no community.

Co-founder Olivia Jade Khoury, was years ahead of the pandemic when she founded her “nomadic” coworking space for women. Khoury’s business model focused on the female solo-entrepreneur working to build her dream at night after working a full-time job during the day. “There was no coworking space tailored to this segment, so I started ntflwr™. VirtualCoworking.Community is an evolution of that idea and an ideal solution for solo entrepreneurs - empowering them to access resources, experts, and other entrepreneurs around the world - day or night,” Khoury expounds.

About VirtualCoworking.Community is a global community where entrepreneurs collaborate and exchange expertise around the world 24/7. Virtual Coworking was launched in March of 2020 by Matthew Newman - the Founder of All In Coworking of Inglewood and Olivia Jade Khoury, the Founder of ntflwr™ nomadic creative house for women. The two initially created the online community as an alternative coworking environment as a result of COVID-19, but quickly realized the platform’s intrinsic, long-term value.

The platform consists of seven expertise suites as well as built-in video conferencing capabilities. Individuals can convene and collaborate safely, globally - and at any time, day or night. Membership is tiered and includes access to a global entrepreneurial mastermind, top-tier business leaders, a business directory, webinars, and special events. To join, visit

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