Award-Winning PR Firm Offers 20% Discounts to Black-Owned Businesses

Black woman publicist consulting with clients

During this historic opportunity to include long-silenced Black voices and businesses in our country’s national agenda, Kelila Shapiro, an African American public relations firm owner and publicist, is supporting other Black entrepreneurs by giving them 20 percent off all PR services.
As a 20-year veteran in the PR industry, Shapiro has shaped and molded many small and medium businesses with unique branding and media marketing. She is a UCLA graduate who began as a junior publicist in 1999 and in 2003 launched her own PR firm:

Her publicity company has created a foundation and reputation for hands-on marketing with lifestyle clients. The PR divisions for clients include entertainment, tech, medical, health, fitness, beauty, authors, consumer products, brands, fashion, and legal by putting clients on the global map with successful campaigns for over 21 years.

The U.S. is home to roughly 2.5 million black-owned businesses, according to the Census Bureau. Although the vast majority are sole proprietorships or small-scale operations, an increasing number of Black businesses have regional reach and national ambitions.

Just this past week PayPal joined in supporting the black community: "For far too long, black people in America have faced deep-seated injustice and systemic economic inequality. Black lives matter and we need to drive transformative change. We must take decisive action to close the racial wealth gap that sustains this profound inequity," said Dan Schulman, president, and CEO, PayPal. "PayPal is uniquely positioned to help in this area, and we are committed to doing our part to address the unacceptable racial divide by advancing a more just economy and society. We've listened to leaders in the black community about the challenges facing black business owners and the support and investments needed to sustain black-owned businesses and create long-term economic opportunities. The holistic sets of initiatives we are implementing are designed to help address the immediate crisis and set the foundation for sustained engagement and progress towards economic equality and social justice."

In keeping with the essential mission to elevate black voices through business achievement and equal access, Shapiro says: “African-American entrepreneurs across the nation with small businesses have proven to be economically disadvantaged. We are motivated to help create pathways to success for black entrepreneurs today more than ever -- and this is just the beginning.”

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