Meet the Newest Owners of This Black-Owned BP Gas Station in Jacksonville, Florida

Jasmine Brown and Kimberly Claridy Walker, Black woman owners of a BP gas station in Jacksonville, Florida

Jasmine Brown and Kimberly Claridy Walker are the newest African American female owners of a BP gasoline station and convenience store located in Jacksonville, Florida. Both were already successful entrepreneurs but decided to add this profitable franchise to their portfolio to continue being successful during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Not only have Jasmine and Kimberly turned their dream into a reality by purchasing a gas station, but they are also using the opportunity to give back to their community. With their new business venture, they have already implemented a second chance felony friendly hiring program.

"We're excited to open our first location in Jacksonville and make history with BP in Jacksonville as being the only local Black-owned gas & convenient store location," said Kimberly. "We have a location that is easily accessible so we can help get drivers back on the road quickly. Jacksonville, Florida is the perfect location to do that."

“We didn’t just do this for us, we did this for everyone. And through this, we plan to open doors for others and hopefully, we can change the narrative of how other corporations view individuals with a background and also to promote collaboration over competition,” said Jasmine.

Jasmine is the founder of The Opulence Firm, a PR firm she launched in 2009 that specializes in event press, sports, fashion line marketing, social media, communications strategy & planning, marketing, and more.

Kimberly, on the other hand, is the founder of Walker Enterprises, which consists of a leading property management firm, a non-profit organization, and a food truck. She also owns and manages boarding housing.

Their BP gas station, located at 6845 Arlington Expressway in Jacksonville, Florida, is a 24/7 operation that offers many amenities including name-brand snacks, a car wash, a food truck on-site, the latest electronics, and more. On their grand opening day in June 2020, their location sold over 58,000 gallons of gas in one day - a huge accomplishment for a station that was performing below average before they acquired it.

Both women strongly feel that their acquisition will not only help them to thrive during the pandemic but also inspire others and open doors for the culture. In fact, they have since started a business consulting group called Boss Ladies On the Move that assists with the development and execution of business plans, franchise acquisitions, and public relations. They have already successfully been able to assist two investment groups to acquire gas stations as well.

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