Black Stanford Student Says Blockchain Technology is the Key to Building Black Wealth

James Mason, a Stanford University computer science/ blockchain student

James Mason, a Stanford University computer science/ blockchain student, says that he has cracked the ‘Magic Code’ transforming the economic trajectory of Black people in America. His "20 Year Master Plan" features a blockchain component, proprietary platform, one billion Black Gold Dynasty (BGD) cryptocurrency tokens, a worldwide online marketplace and much more – all designed to advance the economic status of Black People in America using the “Buy Black Movement” as it’s vehicle.
Mason comments, “It has taken me 10 years to figure this out and it’s all possible now thanks to blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.”

However, Mr. Mason assures us that the real genius lies in the "secret sauce" which he plans to reveal at a later time. He also feels that other eminent elements include criminal justice reform, reparations, repatriation, and a real economic reboot are all eminent as well.

To execute the plan, the company is raising $50 million (USD) in an SEC Compliant, Security Token Offering (STO) and $50 million (USD) in an ICO (Utility Token) under the Black Gold Dynasty (BGD) brand asset, cryptocurrency, and ecosystem.

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