Meet the Founder of the Black-Owned Feminine Care Brand You Need to Know About

Arion Long, founder of Femly feminine care products

Arion Long founded Femly after being diagnosed with a reproductive illness that was linked directly to chemicals in popular feminine care products. Prior to starting the company, she had no idea that added ingredients like nylon, rubber, and bleach were lurking inside the sanitary pads and tampons she was using! As a result, she decided to be the change she wanted to see and create a company that gives back!
Here’s how Femly is different!

Other feminine care products take 120 years to break down once thrown away but Femly’s pads and panty liners are eco-friendly and biodegradable, plus they offer a reusable menstrual cup.

Femly’s award-winning brand not only provides healthier alternatives to toxic products, but they also highlight health education, donate to people in need, and believe in offering disposable options that are non-bulky, absorbent, and secure! With a clean cotton feel, winged protection, and 3X absorbency, Femly’s products are great for both people in need of a better experience and those who may want to make a switch that may help with endometriosis, heavy cramping, and/or fibroids.

A period subscription box customized for you

In addition to products available for purchase on their website, Femly is relaunching their most popular period subscription box and offering 20% off of your first shipment. This option is perfect for you if you’re in need of a stress-free option that gets delivered so that you have what you need on hand!

“My first period” gift boxes & more

With surprised gift boxes available for purchase, Femly truly celebrates womanhood & menstruation! Conversations surrounding period care are no longer taboo, and you can purchase a fabulous box for friends and family alike!

Visit to learn more, follow Femly on social media using @femlybox and text “TRYFEMLY” to 29071 for exclusive access to discounts & more!

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