Self-Taught African American Luxury Suit Designer Travels the World to Custom Fit His Clients

David President, Jr, the Traveling Tailor, founder of DP Attire

David President, Jr., known as the “Traveling Tailor”, is a self-taught fashion designer who specializes in custom-made suits, tuxedos, blazers, and other garments. As founder and CEO of DP Attire, he travels to the homes of his clients,  allows them to choose from a variety of high-end designer fabrics, and takes over 20 precise measurements to ensure that the suit fits exactly the way desired. Afterward, he handcrafts their suits and delivers it to them within 14-21 days.
David, a native of Charleston, SC, travels around the world making luxury a convenience for his high-profile customers. He says that his success as an entrepreneur is driven by his faith, family, and diligence.

Inspiring others

His new self-published book, The Power of a Suit, is an inspirational guide for personal and professional success. Written for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, David's book challenges readers from “all walks of life” to use his book as a self-assessment tool. “I wrote this book to share my story and to encourage others to self-reflect,” he comments.

In the book, David shares personal testimonies and tips on how to enhance your confidence and gain respect—while having the professional etiquette to match. “When you wear a suit, people view and treat you differently,” he says. “Your peers respect you more and you are likely to flourish both professionally and personally.”

A pattern of success

Over the last 15 years, David has achieved personal success as a hospitality sales veteran, an avid investor, a financial literacy coach, a fashion designer, and a public speaker. He is also the Founder of iTrade Community, an online group that he created to educate and share best practices as it relates to investing, real estate, and building generational wealth.

In 2016, David won the Orlando International Fashion Week Emerging designer competition, and in 2018, he was inducted into the Millionaires Club by a private real estate firm in DC. He is passionate about education and continues to challenge himself. In 2018, David attended Cornell University, where he received his Hotel real-estate investment and asset management certification.

Learn more about “The Traveling Tailor” at or follow him on Instagram @dpresidentattire.

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