8 Black-Owned Restaurants in Minneapolis That Are Feeding Protesters

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests, a number of Black-owned businesses in Minneapolis continue to serve food to the community. It is during these trying times that these businesses especially need the support from their own community.
Here are just 8 Black-owned businesses in Minneapolis to patronize:

#1 - Afro Deli: This urban fast-casual restaurant provides some of the best lunches in town with the fusion of African, Mediterranean, and American cuisine. It is now in multiple locations, including two skyway locations, which are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

#2 - Pimento Jamaican Kitchen: Two Black entrepreneurs brought the Caribbean taste to the Twin Cities through this restaurant. While currently operating for takeout and deliveries across the state, they are also organizing relief services for those affected by COVID-19.

#3 - Trio Plant-Based: Considered the first Black-owned vegan restaurant in Minnesota, they serve plant-based versions of soul food platters, burgers, wraps, and mac and cheese.

#4 - Soul Bowl: Born in 2016, this restaurant offers a modern take in soul food while staying true to the traditional soul flavors. They started from hosting pop-up restaurants, but now they have a location in Minneapolis and they also accept online orders.

#5 - Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ: Launched in 1968 by its owner Louis "Ted" Cook, they offer smoked meats -- pork, beef, or chicken -- that are grilled to perfection and served with special side dishes.

#6 - Tommie's Pizza: This pizza parlor serves one of the most popular New York-style pizza in St. Paul. They take pride in using only the finest ingredients to bring out the best quality pizza as well as salad and wings.

#7 - The Red Sea Restaurant & Bar: The first and only combined music venue, bar, and restaurant in Minneapolis offers a unique dining experience. They cook authentic Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine that matches the ambiance of the place.

#8 - PJ Murphy's Bakery: Baking since 1921, this family-owned bakery features a wide range of selection from bread to cakes to cookies to other pastries that are available for retail or wholesale.
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