Black Single Mom of Four Reveals How to Open a Profitable Residential Assisted Living Home

Jane Nk Nwanne, author of HeartWork

Jane Nk Nwanne, a healthcare worker turned entrepreneur, is sharing her secrets in her potentially life-changing book entitled HeartWork: How To Open & Operate Your Own Profitable Residential Assisted Living Home. As an author and educator, she now leads the way in helping other women become business owners while simultaneously helping society.
Jane, who is a Black single mom of four, worked in the healthcare industry for years. Before long though, she saw an opportunity to meet a growing need in society and realized that opening her own healthcare business was something very much achievable.

“An assisted living business has a bright future,” Jane comments. “Getting started is nowhere near as difficult as it may seem. And it is a real way to not just pay the bills but build generation wealth that changes the course of a whole family’s future.”

She is also the founder of the Assisted Living Business Academy, which often holds free webinars and other information-products designed to help women on their path to financial abundance and independence. The academy teaches women how to be successful in the healthcare industry as entrepreneurs, and even offers them a free customizable sample business plan template.

For more details and/or to purchase her book, HeartWork, visit or find the book on Amazon.

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