28-Year Old Makes History as Young Black CEO at Leading Environmental Tech Firm

Adam Roosevelt, CEO of SEM Energy

Adam Roosevelt, a 28-year old politician, combat veteran, environmentalist, homeland security, and defense entrepreneur makes history as one of the first African American pioneers to be selected to lead SEM North America Inc. a leading company in disruptive environmental technologies with a global footprint.
SEM Energy (SEM) has announced their startup expansion in the United States electing Adam Roosevelt as its CEO, to head operations to expand its capabilities and market reach in the U.S. SEM North America will deliver SEM’s technologies to the Energy, Defense Industrial Base, Biogas, Chemical Solutions, Agriculture, and Distillery market.

COO of SEM, Grant Leslie commented on Adams arrival to Scotland, “This opportunity has come forward much quicker than we thought, Adams drive and passion is something we want to build on.”

He continued, “This business opportunity brings Adam Roosevelt as one of the few African American pioneers of eco-friendly environmental solutions that will disrupt multiple industries around North America and around the globe.” He also said that his military service helps contribute to the concepts and schematics of these new technologies.

SEM Energy, was established in 2016 by founders Grant Leslie and John Jones to bring a different approach and ethos to a new company starting up in the Energy Industry. The company has found itself expanding its services across other industries such as Agriculture and Municipalities in addition to Oil & Gas.

Learn more about the company at https://www.sem.world
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