Black Woman CEO Launches Tax Planning Service to Help Entrepreneurs Lower Tax Liability By 30-50%

Dalaine Waller, founder and CEO of Vraiment Financial

Meet Dalaine Waller, founder and CEO of Vraiment Financial, which helps millennial business owners develop legal tax strategies that can help their companies save a lot of money during tax season. A fiancé and mother of 3, Waller is already a rising trailblazer in the tax industry. She is a certified tax specialist, tax reduction strategist, certified bookkeeper, financial educator and speaker.
Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, her certified woman-owned small business is an educator that assist seasoned business owners as well as new entrepreneurs in understand the importance of the financial health of their company with tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll and business consulting.

Her company’s newest service tax planning has helped over 20 business owners save from 30-50% from their tax bill for the 2019 tax year. The goal is to educate companies on understanding why staying organized and prepared in their finances is the key approach to their success.

Her tax planning services include a 9-12 month program or 1 year proposal, 1-2 hour virtual monthly meeting, worksheets, email support, tax client portal, and both short-term and long-term tax saving strategies.

Short-term strategies consist of tax deductions, maximizing tax credits, tax code strategies, tax law updates, and entity planning. Long-term strategies include retirement planning, real estate, securities, stocks, small business and life insurance.

Waller's services also include consultations on marginal tax rates, foreign earned income & assets, how to avoid an audit, and wealth building.

For more information and/or to schedule a consultation, visit or send an email to

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