Entrepreneur Training Black Women How to Profit From Public Speaking Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Quinn Conyers, public speaking coach for entrepreneurs

Quinn Conyers, a public speaking coach for entrepreneurs, is training Black women in business how to pivot to an online platform and continue profiting from public speaking during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the current reality of many speakers who've had speaking engagements canceled, and corporate training events postponed. However, Quinn says that speakers can still give their voice a platform on 'virtual' stages.
She comments, "Being able to pivot to an online platform may sound good, but how do you truly adjust? When you live, breathe, and are energized by the sight, sound, and taste of speaking in front of a LIVE audience, this can be a challenge."

Quinn shares the following three simple strategies that speakers can use during these turbulent times:

1. Master your Virtual Business Card.
As soon as you open your mouth, take potential clients from interested, to, invested in working with you. When shooting videos or going LIVE on social media, be clear, concise and compelling to cut through virtual noise so your client hears your voice. You do this with a Virtual Business Card, which intentionally tells potential clients what you do, who you do it for, and the result they can expect if they decide to work with you. Your goal should be to have virtual conversations that lead to cash.

2. Shoot pre-recorded videos and go LIVE on social media, standing up.
Because you are a Speaker, videos, and speaking LIVE on various social media platforms will serve your soul until it's time to step on a physical stage. Create video content while standing up so your virtual audience can have a similar experience as if you were standing on a stage in front of them. Standing, while hosting your LIVE's, will create an impact for your audience to experience the power of every word that comes out of your mouth. You may have been hosting LIVE's already, and perhaps not as consistent or intentional, because the physical stage was your bread and butter. NOW is the time to go LIVE, with the same consistency and intention as you do with your in-person events, (pick your platform, Facebook, Instagram, Linked, or YouTube) so that you can stay top of mind of potential clients and corporations who still need what you offer.

3. Offer complimentary training sessions to organizations that booked you.
For the companies where you were booked to speak and may have had to cancel or postponed the events, you can still make your voice valuable and visible. Here are a few ways you can do that:

* Offer to do your live session virtually.

* Offer an additional mini-training free of charge. Doing this can help to keep you top of mind with the event host.

* Repurpose a training you already have and send it to the organization so the audience can still learn from you even if you are not physically present.

About Quinn

Quinn Conyers specializes in training Black women in business how to profit from public speaking. Starting with a verbal business card, she teaches them how to turn conversations into cash so they can confidently be the spokesperson for their business or brand every time they open their mouth.

Quinn has leveraged her voice in every aspect of her business. She has won $77,000 in business pitch competitions, made it to the 2nd round of Shark Tank auditions 4 times, and speaks on business stages all over the U.S. giving women their voice back in business.

She earned her Bachelors in Speech Communications from West Chester University in PA and a Masters from Howard University in Mass Communications Media Studies in Washington DC. Learn more about her at her official web site at www.QuinnConyers.com

For press inquiries, contact 443-402-5668 or Quinn@QuinnConyers.com
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