Entrepreneur Launches Unique Collection of Black-Themed Gifts

Constance Panton, founder of Bifties Gifts

Meet Constance Panton, founder of Bifties Gifts, which offers giftsets curated strictly from premium Black-owned brands. Her unique collection of products include Black-themed greeting cards, candles, card games, a coffee mug that says "Black Folk: We Ain't No Joke," organic Dope Coffee, and more.
Bifties started in 2016 as a gift exchange during holiday seasons. The sole criteria was the gift had to come from a minority-owned, small business. This way, Black and minority entrepreneurs could receive necessary support for success.

In 2020, however, Bifties changed its business model to that of an e-commerce store so that Black-owned businesses can have support on a year round basis and not just once a year. Customers who frequent the site find a one stop shopping experience without having to visit multiple sites for their e-commerce needs.

“Rather than go to many different websites and the trouble of putting information in each time for each purchase, I have streamlined it down to nothing more than my site. My customers find what they need and want, and I, in turn, give back some of my own,” said Panton.

Panton gives five percent of each sale back to urban youth programs. These programs offer youth after school activities, tutoring, assistance, job training and other skills. This way the youth have an opportunity to be successful and productive.

“These are two areas that I am absolutely passionate about supporting as much as possible - small businesses and urban youth. The more I can help both be successful then the more all will prosper and continue adding to the success. It can only get better if there is support,” continued Panton.

To shop and learn more about what programs Bifties supports, visit the website at Bifties.com

For press inquiries, contact hello@bifties.com or 908-444-6394
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