Black Woman Scientist Files Patent For Possible Coronavirus Treatment, Seeking FDA Approval

Darnisha Harrison, founder of Ennaid Therapeutics

Darnisha Harrison, founder and CEO of Ennaid Therapeutics, says that scientists working for her company have found a drug that is showing promise in laboratories at blocking the continued spread of COVID-19. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, her company uses its artificial intelligence (AI)-based drug discovery platforms to develop anti-viral drugs.
Both BET News and WBRZ-TV, an ABC News affiliate in Baton Rouge, have confirmed that Harrison, who graduated from Louisiana State University, has already filed a patent after discovering a drug that shows strong scientific evidence of blocking two proteins that cause COVID-19 from invading healthy host cells and replicating.

The drug is called ENU200, a repurposed, patent-pending, orally deliverable antiviral drug that was previously approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a different indication.

“The FDA has been very supportive at fast-tracking review every step of the way and that is true around the world,” Harrison told WBRZ-TV. “We anticipate the clinical trials could start within 90 days. The clinical trial itself could take a month. We feel quite optimistic that in the 120-day window when our clinical material would be ready, we could have a drug that could be safe and effective at treating COVID-19.”

Prior to founding Ennaid Therapeutics, she spent 3 years as a scientist, most notably at Amgen and the University of Georgia, and 16 years in Business Development/Licensing as a Director working for various companies within the pharmaceutical research & development industry.

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