Meet the Entrepreneur Who Is Teaching Beginners How to Track Stocks

Kevon L. Chisholm, founder of Black Wallstreeter Consultation Services

Kevon L. Chisolm, founder and CEO of Black Wallstreeter Consultation Services, has released two new affordable financial literacy products. The first product is the Stock Tracker, which is a pocket journal geared towards helping people that are new to investing learn how to track their securities. Many psychological studies have determined that the best way for people to learn is by writing things down and reviewing this information periodically. It is the perfect tool for learning about investing, and understanding how the stock market works.
Kevon states: “Now, because of the current stock market conditions, it is the best time to learn about investing. After the market recovers, it will be a buyers’ market and the Stock Tracker can help prepare you.”

Helping children, teens, and adults learn how to budget

The second product that Kevon has released is the Junior Wallstreeters Budgeting System. With many money envelopes choices available, this system comes with several advantages including learning a new language. Yes, now children, teens, and adults can practice Swahili while learning how to budget because the wording on these envelopes are written in Swahili. Also, the budgeting system comes with an easy-to-use tracking sheet to help learner keep an eye on their financial goals.

You set your annual savings goal and then break it down to monthly targets on the tracking sheet. At the end of the year, you can review how you performed and what changes you need to make so you can improve the following year.

The system consists of 3 PVC envelopes with matching tracking sheets for each envelope in three different colors. The envelopes are connected by a ring, which is intended to show the users how budgeting is interconnected and make your finances whole.

For a limited time, the company is offering a combo package of the envelope budgeting system with tracking sheets and one Stock Tracker for just $28.99. Both are also available for purchase separately via their website at

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