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March 26, 2020

6 Ways This Entrepreneur is a Modern Day Self-Made Madam CJ Walker

Jeannell Darden, founder of Moisture Love

Jeannell Darden, a Georgia Tech Industrial & Systems Engineer grad, launched her beauty brand, Moisture Love, nine years ago; specifically, because Madam CJ Walker inspired her. Believe it or not, their stories mirror each other in six compelling ways!
Like Madam CJ Walker...

#1 - Jeannell came from a family in the cosmetology industry - her mother taught her how to style hair at the tender age of nine.

#2 - Jeannell created and tested her formulas in the kitchen.

#3 - Jeannell fought to differentiate her brand, despite other existing companies having such success.

#4 - Jeannell's husband was her first designer and ad manager.

#5 - Jeannell currently manufactures in her basement, but is preparing to expand into a manufacturing facility.

#6 - Despite challenges, and her husband wanting her to continue working in her lucrative engineering field, Jeannell persisted and has succeeded in business.

Here's a video with more amazing details of Jeannell’s story:

Moisture Love is a collection of plant based products that transform dry brittle hair to healthy and hydrated, but most importantly, Moisture Love nurtures the hearts of curly hair women so they can confidently embrace their beauty.

All product names relate to a seminal moment in a loving relationship and our mission is to shift the way the world views curly hair.

Right now, Moisture Love is sold in six countries and 40+ beauty supply stores and salons, internationally, and they’re happy to report that despite current setbacks with the coronavirus, Moisture Love is growing and hiring new team members.

Learn more and/or support the brand at

For press inquiries, contact 770-450-5683

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