Popular Board Games Created By Black Entrepreneurs

Black entrepreneurs and inventors who have created board games

Designing and manufacturing board games is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are thousands to choose from. Several of these have been developed by African American entrepreneurs and can be purchased online. Here are the top ones we recommend:
#1 - Trials & Trumph: Created by April D. Preyar, this fun and interactive board game teaches teens and their families how to avoid getting caught in the snares of the criminal justice system. Players are faced with 54 real life scenarios including social media crimes, group accountability, DUIs, and searches and seizures. Players learn how to develop better decision making skills, and become equipped with the 7 Rules of Police Encounters that can be applied to their daily lives.

#2 - Black History Flashcards: Designed and manufactured by a company called Urban Intellectuals, this unique collection of Black History Flash Cards that combat the miseducation and suppression of Black achievements around the globe. Each volume includes at least 52 cards that give a strong foundation to the many untold stories, achievements, and unknown people that have given shape, color, and definition to the worlds of academia, science, civil rights, business, the arts, and more.

#3 - Board Game Brothas: This company produces several board games, but their most popular one is called Rap Godz which puts you in the role of an up and coming hip-hop artist on your path to greatness. The gameplay is strategic and competitive as you play cards that represent events in your emcee's career and life. Along the way you will have to boost your swag, earn street cred, and improve your rap skills. Starting beef with players might put you on top, but can also knock you out when you least expect it. Players have to take over cities, hit career goals, and earn the most record sales by the end of your third album.

#4 - The Entrepreneur Board Game: This board game, created by Elliott Eddie, teaches children and adults how to start and build a successful home-based and brick & mortar business in the comfort of your own home. The game lays the groundwork for a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs by empowering them to see the world as opportunity rich, and to craft the lives they dream to live. Elliott also has 3 other board games that he produces - one in Spanish, one for veterans, and one for recently released inmates.

#5 - Rhyme Antics: Created by Chantel Calloway, this hilarious rhyming vocabulary game inspired by Hip-Hop challenges players to think to the beat while freestyling... in proper English only. Players have to engage in a battle of words to test their vocabulary and speed.

#6 - Don't Break The Rules Board Game: This unique game gives parents an opportunity to discuss sensitive issues with children in a fun, relaxed manner by making it easy to understand the importance of body safety. A discussion guide is included for parents, small groups or classrooms.
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