Black Entrepreneur Receives $596K in Funding to Open a Luxury Beauty Salon in Detroit

Katrina Wilson has always been passionate about helping people look their best through hairstyling. Now that she has received $596,000 in funding, she is achieving her dream to launch her own multicultural luxury beauty salon called Creme Brulee - the first of its kind in downtown Detroit.
According to Small Business Brain, Katrina grew up in a family that struggled financially. She started working as a hairstylist to earn money at just 13-years old, and by the age of 16, she had already earned her Cosmetology license. Since then, she has worked with VIPs as a platform artist and celebrity stylist. Her career and reputation really took off after getting an endorsement from Paul Mitchell - the haircare industry's #1 most recognized brand.

With all these accomplishments under her belt, Katrina wanted to take a step further and open her own salon. Her vision is to create an upscale salon that will treat their clients like celebrities, no matter what their hair texture or ethnicity is.

Thankfully, Katrina was granted $170,000 from different sources and the Space Award from the Motor City Match Program which helps entrepreneurs from Detroit find a location and build their space. She also worked with QT Business Solutions to secure $426,000 in microloans. The funding is now being used to renovate the space for her new salon.

Katrina is set to open Creme Brulee this year in downtown Detroit, a fast-developing community when it comes to businesses. It will be the first and only multicultural, celebrity beauty salon in the area that caters to all hair textures and ethnicities.

For more information about Creme Brulee Salon, visit
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