Founder of Rich Girl Collective Makes Over $1 Million a Year Helping Women Entrepreneurs

Tiffany S. Williams, founder of Rich Girl Collective

Many people don’t think about it now because it’s been a decade since it happened, but some people are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina, the category 5 hurricane that ripped through the deep south. In wake of the tragedy, many individuals had to rebuild their lives from scratch, including online business strategist Tiffany S. Williams - founder of Rich Girl Collective.
After the immediate damage of the hurricane cleared, Tiffany found herself taking inventory of her life. She noticed many of the people she knew didn’t have homes or jobs to return to and she felt like she needed to chaos-proof her life.

Armed with an MBA and a dream, Tiffany knew two things: she needed an independent income stream and she needed that stream to be recession (and natural disaster) proof.

She started small with an online store as a way to earn extra income separate to her 9-5. Within less than a year, her side hustle (selling t-shirts) became so profitable she was able to quit her corporate job. Within three years, Tiffany has grown a multi-million-dollar business and teaches other women how to do the same.

The online learning industry is a billion-dollar industry. Tiffany regularly oversees multiple $30-50K online product launches throughout the year resulting in her monthly business revenue landing between $80-110K. Her success in e-commerce garnered attention from others within her network who were also interested in growing an online business and exiting their 9-5s. Instead of fielding questions individually she created a free Facebook group to share her strategies with others. She named it the Rich Girl Collective.

The Rich Girl Collective (RGC) helps women start full-time online businesses through master classes, webinars, events, and an active Facebook community. Since RGC was formed, Tiffany has helped more than 20,000 women create profitable online businesses.

“I call it Rich Girl Collective because I cater to women who are looking to start a side hustle or full business so they can replace their income and exit their 9-5,” says Tiffany. “Rich means more than just finances. The R is for relationships, I is for investments, C is for community, the H is for health and wellness.”

RGC’s methods help future and current business owners navigate the often-cluttered ecommerce landscape at a fair price. In 2019 alone, Tiffany’s brand generated over $1 million dollars in eleven months with a monthly overhead under $1,000. Tiffany is living proof that with hard work, persistence and a strong internet connection you can earn a living from your computer.

To learn more about Tiffany and her work, visit her online at or join her free community on FB.

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