4-Year Old Entrepreneur Launches Baked Goods Business

Mariah Morning, 4-year old entrepreneur from Cleveland

At the young age of 4, Mariah Morning has already launched her own business in Cleveland, Ohio selling homemade baked goods and sweets called Mariah's Munchies. With the guidance of her mother, she is already treading the path to be a successful young entrepreneur.
Mariah has always loved to cook and bake. She got it from her mother and grandmother who passed down their recipes to her.

When her mother, Angela Tatum-Morning, realized her potential in baking, she decided to let her sell it so she could learn about entrepreneurship even at her young age.

Most recently, they held the official launch of Mariah's Munchies and a lot of people from their community as well as potential vendors gOT to taste her creations. According to KTNV, the kick-off generated dozens of orders for the upcoming holidays.

Aside from the business aspect, the new venture also taught Mariah to give back as she donated some of the Munch Boxes that was left during their launch to Cleveland VA's Fisher House.

Moreover, Angela hopes that her daughter's business, which is their dream, would continue to grow as what Mariah has always been praying hard for.

For more information about Mariah's Munchies, follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mariah.morningmunchies
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