Meet the 11-Year Old Entrepreneur Whose Invention Gets Rid of Stinky, Stale Smells

Joshua Danrich, 11-year old founder of Mr. Fresh car fresheners

Meet Joshua Danrich, the 11-year old kidpreneur from St. Louis, Missouri who is the owner and founder of “Mr. Fresh” Air Fresheners and Deodorizers. Launched in October 2018, his unique fragrances completely eliminate odors from dirty fabrics in both homes and vehicles.
He started when he was only 10-years old, and instantly proved himself as ready to take on the world of business. In fact, his mom says that Joshua, was born with a love of all things automotive. So when he asked his mother (who is now his manager) if he could have his own car dealership, she realized that she needed to help him find a more realistic compromise. He's been calling himself "Mr. Fresh" ever since.

His products come in six different scents and are currently available in auto supply stores in 11 different states. He has been confirmed as the only kid in the world with an air freshener company. Even more, he was recently featured on ABC's Good Morning America to compete with other young and innovative inventors.

He is also a motivational speaker that was recently tapped to inspire 2,000 youth members of Better Family Life for their annual Youth Empowerment Rally.

More than just an entrepreneur

In addition to making the world as fresh as possible, Mr. Fresh has an ever bigger mission. He says that FRESH is an acronym for: Faith to Rescue Every Son from Hurt. Through this initiative, his mission is to use his platform to promote emotional, mental, physical, and financial maturity, as well as self-esteem in African American boys.

For more details about Joshua, his air fresheners, and his philanthropic efforts, visit his official web site at
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