Black-Owned Hair Salon Gets $35K in Funding Thanks to This Former Banker Turned Entrepreneur

Tina Williams, founder of QT Business Solutions

Meet Tina Williams, founder of QT Business Solutions, who thoroughly believes that funding and cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. As a former personal banker who has worked at J.P. Morgan Chase and Fifth Third Bank, she knows all too well how important it is for small businesses to have continuous access to capital. This is why since 2001, she has been quietly helping Detroit-based businesses get the funding they need.
According to Small Business Brain, she recently helped a local Black-owned hair salon (@thelivingroomhairlounge) get $35,000 in funding. But that's not all. She has also helped a local restaurant get $138,000 in funding, a local art gallery get $60,000, a local co-working space get $450,000, and a woman-owned transportation company get $60,000.

In fact, many of the Metro Detroit area’s well-known entrepreneurs have been clients of QT Business Solutions. Her company has grown largely by word-of-mouth because of Tina’s commitment to ensuring entrepreneurs are well-prepared to go after financing before they ever sit down and talk to a loan officer or investor.

But getting funding assistance is not the only service she provides. She also offers business startup classes and training courses on how to write an effective business plan.

In the near future, Tina is planning to offer her services to businesses outside of the Detroit area. She wants her company to be a national business incubator and technical assistance provider for startup entrepreneurs and established small businesses that want to build multi-million- and billion-dollar companies. She will primarily target cities across the country with the fastest growing entrepreneurial communities.

For more details and/or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call them at 877-859-6768.
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