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November 13, 2019

6 Black-Owned Restaurants With Chicken Sandwiches Worth Fighting Over

Fight at Popeyes over chicken sandwich

Fights are breaking out all throughout the country over Popeyes' new chicken sandwich, and the fast food restaurant is making millions of dollars every week from the craze. Meanwhile, better-tasting chicken sandwiches from restaurants owned by Black entrepreneurs are completely being ignored. For those who want to support them, it's a lot easier than you think!
Here are 6 Black-owned restaurants that serve the best chicken sandwiches:

#1 - Chicken Shack: Since 1935, this restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been serving the best, yet affordable chicken sandwich in town, making it one of the oldest continuously operating establishments in the area. They also have several locations city-wide.

#2 - Chocolat Restaurant & Bar: Harlem NYC houses this restaurant has been a go-to place among its residents. They serve chicken sandwiches in either crispy or BBQ-flavored as lunch and they also offer crispy chicken biscuits with chili maple pepper sauce for appetizers.

#3 - Saudia Schulers Country Cookin: A Black woman's country-style recipe of chicken sandwich has been rocking Philadelphia. She also has a wide following of almost 300,000 on Instagram and a lot of people travel across state to try her specialty.

#4 - Fat's Chicken & Waffles: This New Orleans-influenced restaurant in Seattle serves a wide variety of flavors from honey butter chicken biscuit sandwich to fried chicken thigh sandwich and fried chicken sandwich served with pimiento cheese.

#5 - Mikkey's Retro Grill: This restaurant has three locations in Chicago -- Stony Island, Hyde Park, and East 47th -- where they serve their crispy buffalo chicken sandwich served with blue cheese and their in-house sauce that melts in the mouth.

#6 - Monroe's Hot Chicken: A Black couple brought the best of Nashville-styled hot chicken in a sandwich to Phoenix. The nicely-breaded, crispy chicken breast originally comes spiced, but the spice level can also be requested.

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