From Baggage Claim to VP of the Largest Black-Owned Private Airline in the World

Sherrexcia 'Rexy' Rolle, Vice President of Western Air Limited

Sherrexcia 'Rexy' Rolle may be the daughter of the owners of Western Air Limited, one of the most successful Black-owned airlines in the world, but she did not want to just watch it grow. At an early age, she wanted to be involved so she started out helping out with baggage claim. But now she is the company's Vice President of Operations and General Counsel.
Since she was 12-years old, Rexy has worked together with her father Captain Rex Rolle, a professional pilot and flight instructor, and her mother Shandrice Rolle, an entrepreneur, in building their family's airline. At an early age, her parents equipped her with the necessary work ethics.

She started out working as a baggage handler after school until she was trusted with observing airplane inspections. It was then that she found the areas where the airline can improve. So when she finished college, she went on to address the issues and found favorable solutions.

While at it, she has observed the lack of gender diversity in aviation. She saw that the executive positions are mostly dominated by men and that women are often deemed underqualified for the role. It was what made her work harder to prove that a woman like her can take on the challenge and actually succeed in the airline industry.

Rexy, who is now also a business and aviation lawyer, is the one to be credited on the recent accomplishments of Western Air Limited. They are now the largest Black privately-owned airline in the the world. Before she even reached the age of 30, she was already overseeing the expansion of the family's airline and making waves internationally.

"I could have gone in two directions with watching this airline grow up as I grew up: either assuming it's there at my fingertips, or really taking a stance of wanting to improve upon what's already there," Rexy said in an interview with xoNecole. "I wish for everyone to do the same in their lives. Take time to grow and learn every day. That's how you become great!"

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