Master P is Now the Owner of a Professional Wrestling League

Percy "Master P" Miller, a former basketball player turned rapper/ entrepreneur, continues to make boss moves to further grow his business portfolio. He recently purchased House of Glory, a  professional wrestling league, and is now planning to dominate the business side of the wrestling industry.
Master P wasn't born in a comfortable environment. He used to live in extreme poverty in housing projects, but that did not stop him from dreaming to be a successful entrepreneur and ultimately reaching that dream. He studied Business Communications as a student-athlete at the University of Houston.

In 1990, he started his first small business, a record store called No Limit Records. It eventually grew into a record label that became one of the most successful record labels of all time. He then ventured into more industries, including television, real estate, clothing, sports, particularly wrestling.

Twenty years ago, Master P had a small stint in World Championship Wrestling, when he led a crew of wrestlers named The No Limit Soldiers in a match against The West Texas Rednecks.

Now however, he is the owner of House of Glory, which is currently created by wrestlers Amazing Red and Brian XL. It's first event under his helm titled "No Limit" will be held in Queens, New York next month.

In a recent Instagram post, he addressed WWE owner Vince McMahon saying, "You in trouble, cause I'm about to take over wrestling... I'm eyeing all the top wrestlers. WWE? Come over here to us."

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