Meet the Founder of the First Black Woman-Owned Tax Franchise System in the Country

Alniesha Carter, Founder of TaxPrep Evolution Inc, the first Black woman-owned tax franchise

Alniesha Carter, CEO & Founder of TaxPrep Evolution Inc. (TPE), is making a revolutionary impact across the nation in the tax industry. The renowned tax professional has a passion for making an imprint on the world by offering an amazing opportunity for people looking to become their own boss and gain financial freedom at an array of levels; whether it be a Virtual Tax Preparer or a TPE Franchise Owner.Alniesha has been a part of the tax industry for over 20 years. Although she owned her own tax office and hired tax preparers, she also had a desire to help entrepreneurs who aspired to own their own tax business as well. In 2015, she created and licensed her business model and partnered with other business-minded individuals who believed in her vision and the TPE Brand.

This led to the opening of multiple tax offices in various states, which have now transitioned into TaxPrep Evolution Franchise Locations. With this being such a pivotal moment in her career, Alniesha has her entrepreneurial spirit to thank which has fearlessly positioned her to become the first Black woman-owned tax franchise system in the United States.

Alniesha is a serial entrepreneur and has owned other businesses throughout the years. From being a successful restaurateur to owning a fleet of trucks that hauled freight around the country, they were all building blocks for the ambitious entrepreneur that we are witnessing today. And with many accomplishments, the Chicago native is no stranger to humble beginnings; especially since many of the early life lessons have equipped her to achieve success and have provided her with the knowledge to get through many situations that she comes in contact with day to day.

Alniesha who comes highly recommended, is known for her monumental milestones in the tax industry and in business, is lastly a mother of four and wife who credits much of her success to her relationships and continuous strides for self-growth.

About the company
Founded by Alniesha in 2015, TaxPrep Evolution Inc (TPE) aims to create exceptional franchising opportunities that give its consumers financial freedom. Unlike most competitors, TPE franchising does not require a costly initial investment. TPE is committed to guiding entrepreneurs from start-ups to stable profitable tax preparation businesses. Future plans include assisting over 100 women and men in obtaining financial freedom by creating TPE franchise owners across the nation.

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