Black-Owned Wig "Laundry" Service Transforms Your Old Hair in Just 24 Hours

Yomi Onashile is the founder of The Wig Bar London, a beauty brand based in the UK that provides aftercare services for women who wear wigs. They have clients all of the world, and what they do is simple: They restore and repurpose your used wigs to look as good as they did when you first bought them.
Yomi calls herself a true hair enthusiast and product junkie. She comments, "I've been obsessed with all things hair for as long as I can remember. From 8 years old I was the resident hairstylist in my family."

Starting out

Growing up in East London, she first discovered wigs when she was in her mid-twenties. She was searching for a solution that would protect her hair, and at the same time allow her to experiment with different looks. At that time, high-quality wigs were very expensive so she decided to try and make one herself. "With the help of YouTube (and a little patience!), I managed to create my first ever wig," she says.

Earlier this year, however, she decided to create a unique service that would supported wig wearers post-purchase. She came up with the idea to offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for women who are wearing dull, lifeless wigs and hair extensions - giving them a 'new hair feeling' without the new hair price tag.

A genius idea

The idea is genius indeed because it's already off to an explosive start, and it's attracting customers from all over the world.

Women who are interested simply have to mail the wig to her office, and once received, her team will wash and re-style it, and then mail it back to you. The whole process only takes about 5 days, but she also offers an express service that only takes 24 hours. Shipping time, however, can vary depending on what country the wig is being shipped to and from.

Via her web site, women can also choose to buy brand new wigs!

Yomi comments, "Overall, my mission is to encourage experimentation and creativity in all women through wigs. Whether that's taking a risk with a new hairstyle or trying on a wig for the very first time, my aim is to inspire confidence at every stage."

For more details about The Wig Bar London, visit or follow the brand on Instagram@thewigbarlondon
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