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September 9, 2019

Founders of Black-Owned Natural Skincare Line Are Fed Up With Harsh Chemical-Based Products

Starting a business is never an easy undertaking. Everyone’s dream is to be successful but the inner city youth aren’t often given the tools to get there or even shown the right direction to start off. These are the factors that bonded the millennials at Ancient Cosmetics together as they took a leap of faith into the Beauty Industry.
Ancient Cosmetics is a Black family-owned business that was started after years of being fed up with harsh chemical-based products sold in our communities. After many disappointing experiences with potentially hazardous synthetic products, they realized a natural solution was the only way.

After doing their due-diligence by researching natural oils and herbs from ancient times to the present, The team began vigorously working on creating natural products for individuals with sensitive skin.

This group of millennials turned an idea and a dream into a seven figure company. Although they came from different career paths they had one common goal centered around health and wellness. This very sentiment helped to band them together and drive the skincare powerhouse to its stature today. Starting off as a local staple in the community and expanding to selling products across the United States, they have now set their eyes on a global scale for distribution. Today, they offer a wide range of non-toxic products that are safe for the entire family including babies.

Humble beginnings, the team went from making products at home to a small commercial strip mall space. They now offer employ around 10 people from their local community. By staying true to their roots, the Ancient Cosmetics familia makes natural products with a flair and style that’s never before been seen in their industry. Natural recipes inspired by their ancestors coupled with a strong social media push has fueled the exponential growth.

Besides selling stellar products, the team at Ancient Cosmetics knew early on that customer service and taking heed to feedback from their customers were going to be pivotal in their long term success. This allowed them to curate products that people not only want but need on a day-to-day basis.

Watch out! Ancient Cosmetics has no plans of losing momentum; They won’t stop until their natural products are a staple of day-to-day living in every household. Raised awareness towards the benefits and effectiveness of nature’s essentials have brought the world into a new realm. The era of using over saturated, chemical-based skincare is over.

To learn more about Ancient Cosmetics and purchase their products, visit or follow them on Facebook.